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Blogging Break

I get hate mail, it’s a normal occurrence. Ever since Expelled came out, however, I seem to be getting more of, and it is becoming more and more virulent. Here’s an example:

Professor smith or whatever your name is
Your (sic) a lair (sic) and an IDiot. your movie sux (sic) and your (sic) just a stupid jesus loving lying IDiot. (sic) I hope you get your [expletive deleted] expelled because you [expletive deleted] are [expletive deleted] retards and you should just get it over with and die already. [expletive deleted]

Mind you, that’s actually one of the better ones both in terms of niceness and grammar. The materialists are on the run and they know it. But, on the other hand, it’s rather draining to wade through all these emails. Plus, my work is taking a good turn, but it requires some long hours and with the weather warming up I’m trying to get as much sun as I can (when I’m not working). So, my heart’s not really in it right now. I’m going to take a break for a while and see what happens.

I do reserve the right to post sporadically during this break.


Louisiana Joins the Fray

There’s an academic freedom bill being debated in Louisiana now too. Apparently, the first draft of the bill had language about suppression of evolution, while the second draft is more aimed at establishing critical thinking skills in students. I couldn’t agree more with the direction this bill has taken. We shouldn’t censor evolution, censorship is what the Dawkinsists do. We need to expand the knowledge base of our students and teach them to think about the pros and cons of scientific theories and not just dogma.

Florida Update

The academic freedom bill has been debated, and it came out pretty well in spite of the anti-ID sentiment from some members of the Senate.

Dawkins Attacks Collins

Dawkins isn’t fit to tie Francis Collins’ shoes, yet here he is calling him names. Typical.

More Evidence of Indoctrination

Casey Luskin has the dirt on the MCAT and what they are up to. Check it out.

Dawkins Debates and Lies

Read it and weep Dawkinsists. Dawkins lost, then he lied about it.


I have to admit, I failed this test. I could not correctly identify which faces corresponded to which attitudes. In fact, I really don’t see much difference between the faces, so I had a 50% chance and got it wrong. I have a feeling that there was probably some sort of bias set up to get the right answer in this study, although probably unintentionally. Do physical features really determine what our mindset is? I don’t think so.