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Dawkins Attacks Collins

Dawkins isn’t fit to tie Francis Collins’ shoes, yet here he is calling him names. Typical.


More Evidence of Indoctrination

Casey Luskin has the dirt on the MCAT and what they are up to. Check it out.

Dawkins Debates and Lies

Read it and weep Dawkinsists. Dawkins lost, then he lied about it.

Moran the Dawkinsist

Well, some materialists are at least comfortable in their supression of ID. Larry Moran in one of them.

Dr. Moran insists that professors investigate students’ religious beliefs in order to ascertain whether or not Christians who “mouth the acceptable version” (i.e., who pass their exams) genuinely believe “science,” which Dr. Moran defines as materialist metaphysics. If they don’t accept Dr. Moran’s personal atheist ideology, he “would flunk them,” regardless of their grades.

Dr. Moran believes that students and untenured scientists who accept the possibility of intelligent design in nature and who don’t share his atheist metaphysical beliefs should be investigated regarding their beliefs, should be flunked regardless of their grades if their beliefs are found wanting, and should be denied tenure if they get past the materialist filter and make it through graduate school. Is Dr. Moran genuinely “opposed to censorship of any kind”?

In other words, believe as I do or I will persecute you. He also has some words for Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet (who have put forth arguments for “framing the debate” which is clearly a PR effort for Dawkinism):

I’m opposed to censorship of any kind but I really wish Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney would voluntarily decide to keep their stupid mouths shut for a few years.

Ironically, it’s us ID scientists that are often accused of being nothing more than PR shills, yet the Dawkinsists have regular debates about how to handle their PR. Anyway, I applaud this sentiment of Moran, since Moran – and others like him, including Dawkins, PZ Myers, Harris, Hitchens, etc. – are their own worst enemies. Moran’s outspoken comments about how he wants to force his ideology on all others are wonderful nuggets for getting people to see what Dawkinism is all about. These kinds of quotes should be propagated anywhere and everywhere to show what these people really think and what they really desire. They don’t desire knowledge for the sake of knowledge or scientific advancement, they desire that everyone accept their religious opinions.

More Classy Actions From PZ

Crashing a free screening of “Expelled” simply wasn’t enough for PZ. He had to infiltrate a press call the very next day.

However, Myers managed to intrude upon a telephone press conference call the next day that included Ben Stein, the film’s narrator, and the film’s producers.

Meanwhile, about a half hour into a telephone press conference last Friday – designed to allow reporters to question Stein and the film’s producers – a caller identified himself as PZ Myers after he had been patched into the call and demanded the producers cease and desist from supposedly twisting the truth.

“You do know that both PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins have posted substantial criticism of your movie don’t you?” said Myers.

Prompting laughter and astonishment from Stein, the producers, and the reporters on the conference call, Stein said to Myers, “You are a very persistent person.”

Mathis asked Myers to leave the call, saying, “Mr. Myers, as you have done previously with trying to sneak into the film, you have come uninvited to this call, and I am going to ask you to do the honorable thing.”

PZ, of course, did not do the honorable thing and instead went into a tirade shouting about lies. Par for the course, right? When you can’t get your way through science, then it’s time for sneaking into theaters and phone calls and yelling at people until you can sufficiently shout them down. What a joke.

There’s also this interesting tidbit:

In the film, Dawkins revealed that his belief in evolution helped to push him toward a belief in atheism. “I’m bad news for the science lobby,” Dawkins said in an interview with Stein.

If called to testify in a court case, he could not deny the connection between Darwinism and atheism, Dawkins said in the film.



Updated:  Someone is accusing me of lying and other things, while attributing my words to someone else.  Nice delicious irony there. Unlike them, I’m actually tracking back so that they can speak to me directly. Unfortunately for this person, I validated my claims, which he would have seen had he actually looked at the links I provided. It must be so easy to be a Dawkinsist, because you can just accuse all those you disagree with of lying, being stupid, etc. without actually ever dealing with the substance of their claims. And, people wonder why I consider Dawkinsism to be a religion. Sheesh.

Dawkins and PZ Expelled! The Update

There’s been some light shed on PZ Myers not being let in to see Expelled.

“It is amazing to see the reaction of PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins and their cohorts when one of them is simply expelled from a movie. Yet these men applaud when professors throughout the nation are fired from their jobs and permanently excluded from their profession for mentioning Intelligent Design,” said producer Mark Mathis. Mathis was at the event that has raised this controversy.

Mathis continued, “I hope PZ’s experience has helped him see the light. He is distraught because he could not see a movie. What if he wasn’t allowed to teach on a college campus or was denied tenure? Maybe he will think twice before he starts demanding more professors be blacklisted and expelled simply because they question the adequacy of Darwin’s theory.”

I doubt PZ Myers will “see the light.” He’s a true believer. He has no remorse.

Myers has apparently been asking supporters to sneak into the different private screenings for many weeks. After being denied his chance to see the movie, Myers blogged about his experience and expressed his outrage.

Oh, and what excuse does Dawkins have for this?

They were also aware that Dawkins, who oddly used his formal surname “Clinton” instead of Richard to sign up, was in attendance.

That’s Classy Right There

I’ve learned that the High Priest of Darwinism and the namesake of Dawkinsism engaged in another recent event of raising his consciousness by crashing a pre-screening of Expelled and then trying to engage the producer in an argument. Apparently, PZ Myers also showed up in order to wreak havoc as well. They are still complaining about the movie as well, with their unfounded and completely insane rhetoric. Why do people hold these two in such high esteem? It boggles the mind.