A (Mostly) Fair Article About Expelled

It’s amazing to find an article that is mostly fair towards ID and the movie, “Expelled,” but I think I’ve found one that gets pretty close.

David Berlinski, an author and proponent of intelligent design who was interviewed in the film, said “Expelled” looks to foster debate about other ideas regarding the origin of life on Earth.

“The film, itself, is a plea for open-mindedness and tolerance,” he said.

Berlinski said he doesn’t want to see scientists force intelligent design out of the discussion.

“What conceivable good is going to be served by excluding them from the beginning?” he said.

Berlinski is such an erudite thinker/speaker/etc so it’s good that the paper would go to him for quotes. He makes a rather good case.

PZ Myers, is quoted in here too though:

University of Minnesota-Morris biology professor PZ Myers tells his students the first day of class that he’s an atheist.

How is this not a violation of the first amendment? If a Christian professor told his students on the first day of class that he is a Christian, the Dawkinsists would be up in arms and looking to fire that professor on the spot. Yet, it’s just fine and dandy for Myers to stand up and try to force his beliefs on others. This is the height of hypocrisy.

Even Myers said he wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of a creator, but that “for it to be science, what you have to have is evidence,” he said.

“If they want to make that argument, bring some facts to the table,” he said. “Show us something we can test.”

This is an outright lie by Myers. He will never consider the possibility of design. How do I know? I know because evidence has been brought to the table, facts have been brought to the table. Myers refuses to look at them or acknowledge their existence. He’s a Dawkinsists through and through, with the characteristic fingers in ears prayer stance and their mantra on his lips, “I’m not listening and I don’t care about the facts, you can’t change my mind.”


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