Moran the Dawkinsist

Well, some materialists are at least comfortable in their supression of ID. Larry Moran in one of them.

Dr. Moran insists that professors investigate students’ religious beliefs in order to ascertain whether or not Christians who “mouth the acceptable version” (i.e., who pass their exams) genuinely believe “science,” which Dr. Moran defines as materialist metaphysics. If they don’t accept Dr. Moran’s personal atheist ideology, he “would flunk them,” regardless of their grades.

Dr. Moran believes that students and untenured scientists who accept the possibility of intelligent design in nature and who don’t share his atheist metaphysical beliefs should be investigated regarding their beliefs, should be flunked regardless of their grades if their beliefs are found wanting, and should be denied tenure if they get past the materialist filter and make it through graduate school. Is Dr. Moran genuinely “opposed to censorship of any kind”?

In other words, believe as I do or I will persecute you. He also has some words for Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet (who have put forth arguments for “framing the debate” which is clearly a PR effort for Dawkinism):

I’m opposed to censorship of any kind but I really wish Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney would voluntarily decide to keep their stupid mouths shut for a few years.

Ironically, it’s us ID scientists that are often accused of being nothing more than PR shills, yet the Dawkinsists have regular debates about how to handle their PR. Anyway, I applaud this sentiment of Moran, since Moran – and others like him, including Dawkins, PZ Myers, Harris, Hitchens, etc. – are their own worst enemies. Moran’s outspoken comments about how he wants to force his ideology on all others are wonderful nuggets for getting people to see what Dawkinism is all about. These kinds of quotes should be propagated anywhere and everywhere to show what these people really think and what they really desire. They don’t desire knowledge for the sake of knowledge or scientific advancement, they desire that everyone accept their religious opinions.


One response to “Moran the Dawkinsist

  1. Jim Sherwood

    Larry Moran, on narrowly technical grounds, vociferously objects to being called a “Darwinist.” Yet he thinks that Darwin was, somehow, the greatest scientist of all time:

    Said Larry Moran, “I’ll flunk
    All kids who think Darwin is bunk!
    I’m no Darwinist, I say,
    But they won’t get away
    With heresy! I’ll see that they’re sunk!”

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