D’Souza and the Kool-Aid

Oi vey. Dinesh D’Souza says some really good things and then ruins it all by pulling a 180 and trashing ID. First, the good:

The problem with evolution is not that it is unscientific but that it is routinely taught in textbooks and in the classroom in an atheist way. Textbooks frequently go beyond the scientific evidence to make metaphysical claims about how evolution renders the idea of a Creator superfluous.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I agree whole-heartedly. The problem is that ID is the (only) alternative and he unceremoniously dismisses ID, with no reason to do so. In fact, he’s shooting himself in the foot. ID allows for belief or non-belief instead of demanding atheism as evolution does. He recognizes that evolution demands atheism, yet when a real science comes along, he rejects it because – and here’s the irony – atheist scientists reject ID. This is rather disappointing.


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