More Classy Actions From PZ

Crashing a free screening of “Expelled” simply wasn’t enough for PZ. He had to infiltrate a press call the very next day.

However, Myers managed to intrude upon a telephone press conference call the next day that included Ben Stein, the film’s narrator, and the film’s producers.

Meanwhile, about a half hour into a telephone press conference last Friday – designed to allow reporters to question Stein and the film’s producers – a caller identified himself as PZ Myers after he had been patched into the call and demanded the producers cease and desist from supposedly twisting the truth.

“You do know that both PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins have posted substantial criticism of your movie don’t you?” said Myers.

Prompting laughter and astonishment from Stein, the producers, and the reporters on the conference call, Stein said to Myers, “You are a very persistent person.”

Mathis asked Myers to leave the call, saying, “Mr. Myers, as you have done previously with trying to sneak into the film, you have come uninvited to this call, and I am going to ask you to do the honorable thing.”

PZ, of course, did not do the honorable thing and instead went into a tirade shouting about lies. Par for the course, right? When you can’t get your way through science, then it’s time for sneaking into theaters and phone calls and yelling at people until you can sufficiently shout them down. What a joke.

There’s also this interesting tidbit:

In the film, Dawkins revealed that his belief in evolution helped to push him toward a belief in atheism. “I’m bad news for the science lobby,” Dawkins said in an interview with Stein.

If called to testify in a court case, he could not deny the connection between Darwinism and atheism, Dawkins said in the film.



Updated:  Someone is accusing me of lying and other things, while attributing my words to someone else.  Nice delicious irony there. Unlike them, I’m actually tracking back so that they can speak to me directly. Unfortunately for this person, I validated my claims, which he would have seen had he actually looked at the links I provided. It must be so easy to be a Dawkinsist, because you can just accuse all those you disagree with of lying, being stupid, etc. without actually ever dealing with the substance of their claims. And, people wonder why I consider Dawkinsism to be a religion. Sheesh.


One response to “More Classy Actions From PZ

  1. Gatsby Blastyn

    Nice post. I wasn’t aware about PZ crashing a teleconference.

    His emotional outburst is pretty telling. There’s certainly more at play than cold hard facts for him and his minions.

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