More and More Complex

Why is it that we always find that things are more complex than initially assumed? For example, the early ecosystem is now thought to be very complex. It even included possible sexual selection, or at least something very similar to it. Yet, the Darwinists would have us believe that it all happened by chance?

Until now, the dominant paradigm in the field of paleobiology has been that the earliest multicellular animals were simple, and that strategies organisms use today to survive, reproduce and grow in numbers have arisen over time due to several factors. These factors include evolutionary and ecological pressures that both predators and competition for food and other resources have imposed on the ecosystem.

But in describing the ecology and reproductive strategies of Funisia dorothea, a tubular organism preserved as a fossil, the researchers found that the organism had multiple means of growing and propagating — similar to strategies used by most invertebrate organisms for propagation today.

“How Funisia appears in the fossils clearly shows that ecosystems were complex very early in the history of animals on Earth — that is, before organisms developed skeletons and before the advent of widespread predation,” said Droser, who was joined in the research by James G. Gehling of the South Australia Museum.

That Dawkinsists can believe that this all happened by chance simply because it ‘must have’ is testament to the fact that they are non-scientifically clinging to a worldview based on faith. Countless calculations have shown how incredibly improbable it would have been for the conditions that allowed life to form, and that was before we really learned that conditions were even more complex than we thought, that cells were more complex than we thought, etc. The original calculations were pushing the upper probability bound if not surpassing and yet now we add in a factor that make the events even less likely, because that is the inevitable result when complexity increases. This all points to design being the best explanation. When chance can not account for what we see, then we must look towards design and purpose.


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