Texas Textbooks

A lot of folks are anticipating that the evolution wars are bound to spring up in Texas next, which is an important battleground since Texas is the state that drives textbook sales. I’m glad that Texas has clear thinkers on their board of education like Cynthia Dunbar.

“What we want is for our students to be taught critical thinking skills, to be taught the scientific method,” Dunbar explained to CBN News. “And what rises to the level of being deemed a theory — teach the strengths and weaknesses of any and every theory.”

Dunbar says evolution needs to be seen for what it largely is — almost a religion of nature — cloaked in science.

“What you have is a belief system that’s based upon faith that’s being taught and mandated to be taught without exception,” she said. “And students are not allowed to even be able to think about these issues.”

Right on. There’s also some from Dembski:

In the future, parents want ID taught fairly unlike current offerings.

“There are some textbooks which give maybe two paragraphs on it,” said Dr. William Dembski. “And they misrepresent it. So they will characterize it as creationism and then trash it.”

Dembski is a Texas parent and an expert on ID. He says evolution maintains its power not because it’s valid, but because it’s an entrenched bureaucracy.

“They can’t afford, as it were, to think outside the box,” he explained. “Because once they allow that intelligent design is a legitimate scientific project they’re sunk, because then they have to consider the evidence for and against evolutionary theory.”

Also, to Berlinski’s point, evolution is a mishmash that is not well defined. Most proponents think that everything is explained by evolution, so whatever happens, they take those results and extrapolate back to somehow include evolution, which is the cart leading the horse. It is exactly what they accuse others of doing in criticizing evolution. As the article points out, “Most scientists say evolution has no weaknesses.” This is because they’ve built their entire worldview around it making it an imperative that it be right and not display weakness. This isn’t science, it’s religion masquerading as science.


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