Has Anyone Thought of this Before?

Many Darwinists seem to think that they merit the mantle of “Freethinkers.”  They tell you about how they use logic and reason, but a quick perusal about any website that involves evolution will show you that this is simply not the case.  So, I thought about coining a word for those who blindly follow the dogma of materialism and Darwinism.  And, every dogmatic movement needs its leader, so I thought maybe I should name it after the leader of the Darwinits.

So, without further ado, I present you with “Dawkinsists.”  Dawkinsists are followers of “Dawkinsism” in which the tenets of materialism must not be questioned (nor can one question the dictates of the high priest, Dawkins).  Evolution is dogma and is not to be doubted.  Dawkinsists believe that all who do doubt their dogma are stupid, ignorant, illogical, irrational, and probably insane.  To my knowledge, no one has coined this term yet, but feel free to use it whenever you run into one of these people.


4 responses to “Has Anyone Thought of this Before?

  1. I call all such folk ‘scientistes‘ (in echo of Miss Piggy, The Artiste). Scientistes are proponents of scientism, they are poseurs in regard to actual science (whether or not they are professional scientists).

  2. I also call them DarwinDefenders (aka ‘Darwindefensor internetensis‘), aka DesignDeniers.

    We, of course, are DarwinDeniers (aka ‘Darwindenegor internetensis‘), aka DesignDiscerners.

    I thought of these names because at the time some Darwinists drafted my into this part of the culture war, one of them called me a “Darwin denier” … seemingly with all the shock and revulsion one might reserve for a “Holocaust denier.”

    As all know, the species ‘Darwindefensor internetensis‘ are a friendly, harmless, right-thinking, cute and cuddly sort. They are ruthlessly preyed upon by the evil, wicked, ruthless preditor: ‘Darwindenegor internetensis.’

  3. Welcome Ilion, I’ve taken your posts off moderation status, so you should be able to post here freely now.

  4. Well, thanks. Though, who knows when I’ll next have a comment I wish to make (I’ve been popping over to this blog now and again for a number of months now).

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