Gimme That Old-Time Religious Darwinism

Is there any doubt that Darwinism is an ideology?  If so, then take a look at this.  Now, Darwinism has its own itinerant preacher, traveling the country to extol the benefits of belief in evolution.  Of course, the guy is a dupe, a pawn, and a bad one at that.  He actually believes that the materialists will have a place for him, but there’s no place in materialism for what he believes:

He says the facts are indisputable: Earth and its inhabitants evolved over billions of years. But that’s OK, he adds, because God, or whatever name you want to give to a higher power, was and is still involved.

“Imagine a realm of nothingness,” says Dowd, invoking an image of the beginning of time. “God is the essence of that everything. Everything that emerges is not emerging outside of God, but within God.”

Good luck with that, because you’re pushing for an idea that claims that all this came about without purpose or meaning.  IOW, you’re getting played Dowd.  Once the materialists get rid of people like Gonzalez, Sternberg, etc. they’ll come looking for people like me.  Finally, once they purge all the people who will stand up and fight their ideology with real science, they’ll come for you too.


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