More Craftiness from the Darwinists?

One more thing I missed during my illness was Ken Miller’s new gambit, wherein he has decided to co-opt design for evolution.  Miller’s a pretty smart guy, but does he really think he can do this?

“There is, indeed, a design to life — an evolutionary design,” Miller said. “The structures in our bodies have changed over time, as have its functions. Scientists should embrace this concept of ‘design,’ and in so doing, claim for science the sense of orderly rationality in nature to which the anti-evolution movement has long appealed.”

So, he hopes to use the obvious design in life and simply re-label it so that it becomes part of evolution…and he thinks no one will notice his sleight of hand?  This is ridiculous, and it shows the depths to which the Darwinists will sink in order to keep their tenuous grasp on their failing ideology.


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