What I Missed

Well, I’m back and trying to get back into the flow of blogging.  This first week here might be choppy while I try to get back into my rythym.  It’s amazing how much a bad illness can throw things off.

Anyway, while I was being attacked by the influenza virus – and what a vicious attack it was – I missed some things that happened.  First and foremost was the action in Florida, where the science standards were accepted with the caveat that evolution would be denoted as a theory.  This is both good and bad.  Really, the science standards should include evolution, as our students should learn it.  Too bad they will only learn the materialist version where it is fact and there are no weaknesses to it.  They will learn that there are no alternatives to evolution and that no one has any questions about it.  It’s really a shame, and attaching the word, “Theory” to it really does not begin to do justice to how the students in Florida will be shortchanged in all this.  It’s a step up from not learning evolution at all, but it could be so much better.

Some teachers there did understand what was at stake at least, and we can hope that teachers like this one will be able to give the students a full education on the topic of evolution.


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