Well, Mother Nature has seen fit to visit me with a nasty flu bug and created this unannounced blogging break.  Four days of fever, coughing, congestion, headache, shivers, etc, and I’m not sure it’s done yet.  And, it’s come at the most Murphy-esque time imaginable, as I was working extra hours (more than the extra I normally work) to take some last data for a paper that I’m hoping to write soon.  I’m wondering if the extra stress lowered my defenses, but what can you do about it?  So, I’m now on the mend (hopefully) and will try to start up blog posts again sometime in the next couple days.


2 responses to “Sickness

  1. I hope you are doing ok Professor. Hoping to hear from you again. Get well soon.

  2. Thank you for the well wishes. I hope to resume blogging soon.

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