Jay Richards Speaks

To the credit of the Stanford Review, not only did they publish a write-up of the debate between Hitchens and Jay Richards but they also have published an interview with Jay Richards.  It’s a good read.


2 responses to “Jay Richards Speaks

  1. Just discovered your blog and was happy to see you highlighting this interview, it’s quite good. For your blogroll you might also want to add a link to http://www.intelligentdesign.org.

    Also, Stanford publish some other good articles related to the Richards Hitchens debate.

    Interview with Stein:

    Interview with Hitchens:

    Interview with Mark Mathis, producer of Expelled:

    One chief co-sponsor:

  2. Mr. Crowther, thank you for the links!

    I’ve added intelligentdesign.org to the blogroll. I’ll be checking it out soon too.

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