Bad News at ISU

Dr. Gonzalez has lost his appeal.  The regents claim that they were only reviewing the procedures of the tenure board, but how could they have if they refused to look at the evidence of bias?

Gonzalez maintains that his views on intelligent design doomed his tenure case, even though he did not teach the theory in the classroom. Gonzalez charges academic freedom has been suppressed and Gonzalez was upset he was not allowed to present certain documents to the board as they considered his case. “I don’t see how they can reach an informed decision without all the relevant facts and all the relevant facts were not allowed in the case especially the e-mails and other documents that are highly relevant to this case,” he says.

This is rather unfortunate, but I hope it ultimately becomes unfortunate for ISU.  Dr. Gonzalez is an up and coming star and ISU will rue the day that they let him go some time in the future when he makes ever more impressive scientific advances.


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