More Breaking News With No Evidence!

You heard it in the UC, Irvine campus paper first folks, the producers of “Expelled” are bribing people to force others to see the movie.  Of course, the author could have brought some evidence instead of just Kool-Aid, but who needs evidence when you are a Darwinist, right?  So, I did some checking, and there is no evidence for this claim anywhere, and the author provides none.  So, it’s come to this.  The Darwinists are now using students to write hatchet jobs in order to discredit a movie that they haven’t even seen.  How very scientific/objective of them.

Oh, and he repeats the fallacious claim that Dawkins, et. al. were tricked into doing the movie that I’ve already debunked.  Ridiculous!


One response to “More Breaking News With No Evidence!

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