Opting Out?

Is this guy for real?  Making the science curriculum optional, so that parents can opt out for their students if they don’t want them to learn evolution?  Many parents might like that idea until you include this little tidbit:

A final caveat to conservative Protestants: My proposal would not get your children entirely off the hook. It’s unlikely they would be exempted from being tested about evolution in the battery of standardized tests mandated by the state and federal governments. And colleges are not going to be interested in your children’s explanations about why they scored poorly on the science sections of the SAT and ACT.

Yes, let’s let the parents opt their children out and then make sure to punish those children by making them unable to answer the test questions.  And, will parents actually do this?  This “offer” amounts to nothing more than a low-class trick to appear as if the author is presenting a bona fide solution, yet seeking to punish those with whom he disagrees.  This is the level of rhetoric that one can expect from Darwinists.


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