Nassau County Joins the Fray

Nassau County has now raised their voices against the proposed science standards in Florida.  I think they are doing it the right way too:

Ramseur told the school board he has served on the state’s science textbook adoption committee and attended the meeting “to support the board,” he said.

“What we want our students to do is to be problem solvers, not to be taught a dogmatic position,” Ramseur said. “We want them to be able to think and be great scientists.”

That’s my position too.  Darwinists will often say that students are too stupid to actually learn evolution, so we must present it to them as fiat and fact, because they will get confused if you teach the controversy.  If I were a student, I would be insulted.  I find that students are not only able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of evolution, but it will also make them better thinkers.  Do we want to give them a fish, or teach them to fish?  I vote the latter.  Sadly, Darwinists seem to want the former.  (Really, it is less than the former.  Darwinists want to hand the students a squid and tell them it is a fish.)


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