I’ve found a doozy of a letter written to a newspaper in Austin.  It’s bad, it’s really bad.  I think I’ll do a point by point take down of at least the worst stuff in it.

There are storm clouds gathering in the educational environment of Texas. At a time when the nation has declared that there is a crisis in education that threatens our future as a country, Texas may take a turn in the opposite direction. There are active forces that wish to move away from science to religion in our schools.

When in doubt, whip up some fear right?  This is abhorrent that they would try to play on people’s fears to advance their cause and shows that they don’t have logic and reason on their side.

The concern of leading scientists and engineers of the state has been activated by two recent events.

The first of these events is that the Texas Education Agency recently took actions that led to the resignation of a science educator, ostensibly because she did not show impartiality between the teaching of “intelligent design” and evolution.

Unsubstantiated, vicious rumors that are more wishful thinking than anything else.  See my post here for a refutation of their erroneous statement.

The other is the recent request by the Institute for Creation Research, a proponent of “intelligent design” to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, for certification to grant graduate degrees in science education in Texas.

Yes, how dare they even try and petition to give degrees, those fiends.  Even if the author disagrees with their stance on biological areas, this does not mean that they can’t produce quality teachers, especially in other areas.  Of course, bigoted Darwinists will tell you that if you don’t believe as they do, then you are wholly incapable of any intelligent thought.

“Intelligent design” is not science and should not masquerade as such.

Wrong wrong wrong, as any perusal of an ID sight will inform the authors if they actually took a look.

Our country is founded on the concept of separation of church and state.

I finally agree with them on something, but I find it to be a non sequitor for their argument and everything that follows from this is not worth parsing.

Science is the systematic acquisition of knowledge through hypothesis and observations that are repeatedly tested, validated, and revised as new evidence emerges. Faith is based upon what one believes and often stems from one’s cultural background or upbringing. The resolution of the teachings of science with religious beliefs should remain within the realm of the individual’s experience and not taught as science by any institution approved or accredited by the State.

I agree, which is why I oppose teaching the Darwinist faith and why I am for teaching actual science, meaning the strengths and weaknesses of evolution.

The future of the world, our nation and the State of Texas hinges on continued breakthroughs in science, engineering and medicine as we face challenges in providing adequate supplies of energy and water, a clean environment, health care, and economic competitiveness. To meet these challenges, it is necessary to continue to attract the best minds to Texas and to provide our children with rigorous and challenging scientific training. Anything that diminishes the rigor of the education of the youth of Texas or our ability to recruit the best talent creates a great risk to the State and limits our contribution to protecting the nation from the “Gathering Storm”.

No arguments here.  So, one has to wonder why they would support teaching known fallacies, disputed evidence, and evolution as fact with no weaknesses?  Why would they push materialist philosophy on our students posing as scientific fact?

“Intelligent design” is a belief and is not subject to testing or validation; thus, it has no place in our educational system.

Except that it is testable and falsifiable.  How does one falsify the idea of random mutations and purposeless evolution however?  Once again, we see the Darwinists resorting to fear and engaging in projection.


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