Coyotes on the Prowl

For Dog Day Sunday, I wanted to do something different and talk about another canid than the usual.  Canis latrans or the coyote is a cousin to domesticated dogs and rather abundant throughout the US, although not so much on the East Coast, until just recently.  Reports have come in of coyote sightings and acts everywhere from Florida to Virginia to Pennsylvania and even as far up as Massachusetts.  Coyotes live in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park and have even been spotten in Manhattan.  It seems that they thrive in urban situations, which helps to explain why they’ve moved into territory that wasn’t always theirs.  Still, you don’t expect to run into them for the most part.

At least I certainly wasn’t expecting it two nights ago.  I had taken M and A out for a short, nighttime stroll so that they could “do their potties,” (which is their command to evacuate their systems), when I noticed some sort of dog-like creature dart out and run across the road in front of us.  We were, thankfully, near the house, so I headed for the front door with M and A when I noticed that there were two more figures standing just beyond my fence, looking at us.  In the light of the streetlamp I could see the powerful canid features they possessed, and their eyes glinted as they peered at us.  There was no mistaking it, I was looking at two coyotes who had been traveling with a third, but stopped from crossing the road to observe us.  They sat there, not moving an inch – I don’t know if it was from fear of us, or sizing us up to see if we’d be tasty – and I eventually got M and A inside the house.  As I shoved the dogs inside, I turned back to see that my observers had gone, just as quickly as they appeared.


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