Choosiness Cheesiness

There’s a new proposal out that choosiness and cooperation have evolved hand in hand.  Riiiiight.  This is one of the lamer just-so stories to pop up recently and that’s saying a lot.  The idea goes like this:  natural selection favors selfishness, so someone’s choosiness presupposes a necessary level of cooperation from their partner.  If that level of cooperation isn’t met, the choosy party moves on to find one more cooperative.  This leads to selection of choosiness.  Um, OK.  May I throw a monkey wrench in this idea though?  Choosiness and cooperation are sort of diametrically opposed.  To give cooperation to someone else’s needs implies a level of giving up one’s choosiness.  So, if choosiness is being selected for, then cooperation is deselected, leading the choosy partners to have less cooperative partners to choose from.  Oops.


4 responses to “Choosiness Cheesiness

  1. Didn’t you bother to read the article? The exact ‘monkey wrench’ you propose and why it is not a problem is described.

    Do you have any concrete criticism of the work done besides your personal incredulity?

  2. Ah yeah, I’m sure the part about how they just asserted that this is what happened was the part where they showed it’s not a problem. Yeah, simply because they say that it’s not contradictory, I guess some Darwinists will believe it. Isn’t pointing out that this is inherently contradictory a concrete criticism, or is it not concrete to say that black is not white? You Darwinists are so silly sometimes.

  3. And you simply asserting there is a problem over an issue already addressed in the paper doesn’t make it a problem.

    The paper didn’t just say the ideas weren’t contradictory, they explained in some detail why the two could both develop together.

    Do you want to explain why, specifically, you think the paper’s conclusions are wrong?

  4. Is black white? I think you should actually read the OP before you start trolling.

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