Florida Update

The goings on in Florida are getting emotional and divisive, and all over a word?

“If you are not teaching the correct science terms, you are dumbing down science,” she said.

Wait.  Is that all you’re concerned with?  That they teach the word “evolution”?  Who cares, so long as the topics are taught?  Does not mentioning that one word cause damage to children or hinder their education?  Of course not.  The word isn’t what is important, it’s the concepts that are important.  Even if I didn’t know the word, “gravity” I could surmise that there is a downward (relative to the my frame of reference) force that pulls at 9.8 m/s/s.  If I don’t know to call that “gravity” does that mean that I haven’t learned anything?  Of course not.

No, what really hurts the children is feeding them a materialist worldview as fact and not giving the whole story.


6 responses to “Florida Update

  1. Yep, but if you went through your whole education without having learned the word gravity, you’d feel pretty stupid when you got to college, wouldn’t you?

  2. Are words that important or is understanding the material of paramount importance? I vote the latter is more important.

  3. I agree, material is more important, regardless of the words used.

    Do you agree that you’d look pretty stupid if you didn’t know the word gravity?

  4. There’s lots of words that both of us don’t know. Are we stupid for not knowing them? Of course not. Like you admitted, knowing the material is of higher importance, so what does it matter?

  5. Yep, there’s plenty of material that you and I are ignorant of. Yet both of us know the word gravity. Isn’t that interesting.

    Will you not agree that not knowing the word gravity after completing high school science would likely make one feel ignorant?

    Can you not concede a single point?

  6. Not knowing anything should make one feel ignorant since that is the defintion of the word. This is, of course, moving the goal posts, since you originally used the word “stupid”. Should it make one feel stupid? No, not if the person knows the underlying concepts.

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