Selection Between Males and Females

At first blush, it’s hard to decide whether this research is worthwhile or simply silly.  What makes it seem silly is that the researchers really didn’t expect to see any selection on the females, but why not?  Do they really think selection is selective on the organisms it acts upon?  Of course not, according to Darwinism.  It’s supposed to be mindless and unguided, so there’s no reason why it would only affect males.

Yet, that’s only part of the story here.  The reason that they figured only males would be affected was due to earlier observations which showed just that.  Selection it seems does act in a selective way.  This suggests that it isn’t a mindless, unguided process, but one that potentially acts in a specific, guided way.  Further, their findings were that only the females responded to the selection pressures; none of the males did.  If this truly were an unguided process though, we would expect to see no preference.  This is a serious problem for Darwinism.


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