Top Ten of 2007

The Access Research Network (ARN) has compiled a list of the top ten stories that support design for 2007.  Notable among them are the stories on…well, they’re all notable.  I touched on the appendix myself and the academic persecution stories.  I suggest that you all go read the list; it’s a good one.  And, remember, these are only the top 10.

Additionally, there’s a good article about the list with some great quotes that I wanted to include.

“These are Darwinian ‘arguments from ignorance’ that continue to be discarded as scientists uncover the incredible design and purpose of biological systems,” he said.

Yes, the Darwinists use arguments from ignorance quite often and rely on shoddy evidentiary support simply because they seek to confirm what they have a priori decided is true.

The group notes in its list that political and academic persecution against those who question the evolutionary theory has also been a hallmark for 2007.

“Our modern western culture is so ingrained in the naturalistic Darwinian creation story that those who challenge the story, even with scientific evidence in hand, are treated as outsiders and outcasts,” observed Wagner.

Sadly, that’s only too true.


One response to “Top Ten of 2007

  1. Oleg Tchernyshyov

    I liked the heavily qualified statement given by Director of Media Relations at ARN Kevin Wirth:

    “As we monitor scientific discoveries and reports in the news, I think we’re beginning to see a growing trend overall that the sufficiency of Darwinian explanations to describe how life evolved is turning out to be substantially inadequate in a growing number of fields<, particularly in the areas of genetics and molecular biology. I think it’s becoming clear that Darwinism is on the verge of one of the greatest challenges it has faced in many decades. ”

    I wonder why he didn’t just say “Darwinism is dead”? Perhaps he knows something? 🙂

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