Is “Flip-Flop” a Strong Enough Word?

As an update to the Gonzalez affair, I’d like to call your attention to the following article that details what Luskin refers to as “flip-flops” in the positions of ISU faculty and Wired magazine.  I’m not sure if that’s a strong enough word, however.  When it was used against John Kerry in the 2004 election, it was indicative of the shifting views that Kerry held, not because he was making things up out of whole cloth.  Let’s go to the tape to see what’s going on here.

John Hauptman, ISU Physicist:
Now: The ISU Daily reports, “Hauptman said his tenure decision was ‘absolutely not’ based on Gonzalez’s research into intelligent design.”
Then: Last June, Hauptman explicitly admitted that he voted against Gonzalez’s tenure because of intelligent design (ID): “I participated in the initial vote and voted no, based on this fundamental question: What is science? … It is purely a question of what is science and what is not, and a physics department is not obligated to support notions that do not even begin to meet scientific standards.”

So, he admitted in June that he voted against Gonzalez because he believes that ID is not science, yet now he is saying that his vote was in no way based on his beliefs about ID.  Sorry, Casey, but I have to disagree with you that this constitutes a flip-flop.  No, I think it’s more accurately called a lie.  Hauptman is outright lying, and the proof is in the tasting of the pudding.  You’d think he’d be smart enough to know that the records of what he said are out there.  Maybe he doesn’t know that, or maybe he doesn’t care.  Maybe he thinks that the Darwinista will strong arm their way through this by silencing their critics as they usually do since they can’t back up their fanciful “science”.  Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t appear that it will happen in this case.  I hope this case opens the way for more defeats for Darwinists and their slimy tactics, and that real science and real scientists take back the reins of academia from the dogmatic defenders of Darwin.


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