Whale Sized Holes

Now, apparently whales didn’t evolve from hippo-like creatures, but from deer-like creatures?  So, which is it.  And, I simply love this part:

Other experts, however, caution that although the scenario is possible, the ancestry analysis is based on incomplete data. Researchers “really thought the book was closed on this,” says Annalisa Berta, an evolutionary biologist at San Diego State University.

The book was closed based on incomplete data?  Well, that can only be evolution they are talking about, well known for jumping to conclusions without having all the data.

Blogging Break – I’m going to go on blogging break until after Christmas.  Everyone have a Merry Christmas (for my non Christian readers – if I have any – Happy Holidays) and I will be back shortly thereafter to continue exposing the Darwinist lies.


4 responses to “Whale Sized Holes

  1. No one ever said whales evolved from hippo-like creatures. DNA shows that hippos are the nearest, living relatives of modern whales.

    But the ancestor in fossils is looks like a long-snouted wolf.

    This recent find only pushes the evolutionary links back farther, showing one more (up to 23!) transitional fossil ancestors to modern whales.

    The hippos are descended from a common ancestor — this one might be it.

  2. That’s quite amusing Mr. Darrell, but you are wrong on just about every count. The funniest part is your assertion that this is “one more (up to 23!) transitional fossil ancestors to modern whales.” Yes, I’m sure that a fossil that post dates cetaceans is a transitional form! Ha ha ha. This is what Darwinists think is evidence?

    That’s like saying that person X committed crime Y in location Z at time t and as evidence we will show that X was at location Z a couple thousand years after Y took place. If that isn’t evidence, then I don’t know what is. Ah, you Darwinists are so credulous.

  3. Wrong? Do me the courtesy of pointing out an error.

  4. I already did (just read the comment above your second one on this thread). But, thank you once again for demonstrating that you’ve got your head in the dogmatic sand and are completely unable to see counter arguments to your worldview.

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