The Real Villains

Darwinists are getting up in arms over the fiasco in Texas when it’s pretty clear that their claims are completely unsupported.  In other news, the Darwinists are the clear villains in the story of Dr. Gonzalez at ISU.  Well, here’s another case of villainy by the Darwinists that they will probably try to either sweep under the rug, or explain away – ‘Didn’t ya know that all creationists are evil people, so we [Darwinists] have the right to treat them like scum?’

Here’s the case of a scientist, Dr. Abraham, who was clearly doing his job.  There were no complaints about his work, but he was fired after his boss found out that he didn’t accept evolution.  Well, obviously since he doesn’t accept evolution he must be a bum with no qualifications, right?  Well, that’s not the case:

He has a master’s degree in biology and a philosophy doctorate, both from St. John’s University in New York, a university spokeswoman said. He was hired by Hahn’s marine biology lab in March 2004 because of his expertise working with zebra fish and in toxicology and developmental biology, according to court documents. He did not tell anyone his creationist views before being hired. Hahn’s lab, according to its website, studies how aquatic animals respond to chemical contaminants by examining “. . . mechanisms from a comparative/evolutionary perspective.”

He must have been unwilling to work and must have been a pain in the butt, right?  Well, not exactly:

In October 2004, both agree, Abraham made a passing comment to Hahn saying he did not believe in evolution.

“My supervisor appeared angry and asked me what I meant,” Abraham wrote in a 2005 complaint he filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. “My supervisor and I had a follow up meeting during which my supervisor informed me that if I do not believe in evolution, then he was paying me for only 7 to 10 percent of the work I was doing under the grant.”

Abraham said he told Hahn he would do extra work to compensate and “was willing to discuss evolution as a theory.”

It’s pretty evident that he was not fired for doing bad work, he had the qualifications to do the job, and he even offered to work extra and discuss evolution as a theory.  He was fired, quite simply, for not toeing the party line.  For not just accepting evolution hook, line, and sinker.  Of course, I’m not surprised that his boss didn’t want to discuss evolution, since he would have probably been shown the inadequacies of the theory multiple times over by Dr. Abraham.  But, this clearly shows the evolution is not open for debate as any scientific theory should be, but held as dogmatic fiat.  If you don’t believe what the Darwinists want, then they will get you fired and try to ruin you.


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