The emails have come out and it’s quite apparent now that Gonzalez was denied tenure due to his support for ID.  See here and especially here.

Some juicy tidbits:

“[O]ur open statement … will show to GG that this is not a friendly place for him to develop further his IDeas.”

“As Joerg says, I think Gonzalez should know that some faculty in his department are not going to count his ID work as a plus for tenure. Quite the opposite.”

“Sometimes it is just best to ignore idiots … freedom of inquiry … has been violated massively in the physics department and, concerning my use of the word reprehensible, was violated by your petition.”

Yeah, it was all about the funding/lack of papers/whatever other lame excuse Darwinists have come up with.  Yeah right.  This Darwinist witchhunt has been officially exposed.

Oh, and one more point…One of the Darwinists has this to say:

“I would have thought an intelligent person would have at least kept quiet until after tenure. Then you can advocate blowing up the moon.”

Indeed.  One could even advocate materialism as if it were science.  With Darwinists like this and emails of this sort to look forward to, it’s no wonder that I have to keep my identity secret.


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