More News About “Expelled”

Men’s News Daily has some more information about “Expelled” the new movie set to hit theaters next February.  Check it out.


3 responses to “More News About “Expelled”

  1. This is certainly big news, and it could be very interesting when this movie comes out. If it is a big hit, look for the usual Holywood copies, and a TV spin-off too.

    I wonder how the DI managed to get press coverage in Men’s News?

  2. professorsmith

    I don’t know how they seem to have gotten unbiased coverage there, but welcome all the same.

  3. Oleg Tchernyshyov


    I don’t understand why you find it remarkable that a right-wing news site would advertise an anti-evolution movie. It’s been promoted by WorldNetDaily, Bill O’Reilly, Christian Post and The movie fits their political agenda. It’s that simple.

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