Briefing Packet for Educators

The DI has come out with an educational packet to counter the misinformation that PBS has put out, not to mention the fact that PBS asked teachers to violate the separation of church and state.

Here’s a list of the resources contained in the packet:

  • An introductory letter helping teachers to understand the debate and to avoid the pitfalls in the PBS-NOVA’s educational resources;
  • An FAQ answering common questions about evolution and intelligent design, discussing definitions and evidence for both theories.
  • The truth about the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial.
  • A summary of the law regarding teaching evolution in public schools.
  • A list of authorities that support teaching the controversy over evolution.
  • A detailed discussion of some of the scientific controversies that can be taught regarding Darwinian evolution.
  • References of peer-reviewed scientific papers supporting intelligent design.
  • A list of internet resources on intelligent design and evolution.

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