Luskin’s on a Roll

Although I’m rather liberal, this article caught my eye.  Casey Luskin has been taking it to Paul Gross lately (as I talked about here and here), and now he’s taking on two of the most prominent conservative writers.  It’s a good read.


3 responses to “Luskin’s on a Roll

  1. As I read his article, I was thinking, if I knew nothing of neo-darwinism, modern evolution theory, etc, and being the engineer that I am, the first time I ever encountered what is known about DNA and the internals of a cell, it would never occur to me in a million years that the thing had “self assembled” via random variation and natural selection. And the thing is, after all the years that I have been exposed and contemplated the MET “explanation”, it is not much different. I still have no reason to accept their “explanation.” Simply because they haven’t proved their case. Not even close.

  2. professorsmith

    I think that’s becoming more and more apparent as we unravel more and more evidence of just how complicated cells really are and how much had to happen “just right” in order for the first cell to have self assembled.

  3. I don’t know how Casey manages to do all that he does.

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