Vehemet Defense and Aggressive Reactions

Although I’m sure my Darwinist commenters will likely jump up and down in a huff for linking to this, I’m going to do it anyway.  Here’s an opinion piece by Michael Craven where he skewers some Darwinists that have written in to him.  I agree with a lot of what he says, although I do hold that science in non-moral.  Still, I think he hits the nail on the head when he points out that Darwinists tend to “vehement defense and aggressive reaction to any challenge.”

I love the righteous indignation. Not only is this position logically inconsistent but it is often the only defense offered by evolutionists; simply label the alternative as being unintelligent. This is certainly the premise of those who attack any discussion of Intelligent Design.

Make no mistake, Darwinism is not science, it is philosophy. It is dogma! This, I think, accounts for both its proponents’ vehement defense and aggressive reaction to any challenge.

I’ve faced this quite often myself, and I think the line of argumentation is lame.  But, I think the arguments used by the Darwinists suggest that something else is at stake for them.  I can’t imagine them becoming so emotionally attached to a scientific argument that they weren’t personally invested in.  No, this level of discourse comes from a threatened worldview.  They defend their dogma by any means necessary because to do otherwise would force them to reconsider the very principles that they base their faith upon.


4 responses to “Vehemet Defense and Aggressive Reactions

  1. Hi professorsmith,

    You say “But, I think the arguments used by the Darwinists suggest that something else is at stake for them.” This is perceptive, but not for the reasons you speculate on in your blog entry.

    My own experience is that, when it comes to antievolutionists and the gut reactions of scientists, the main issue is not one of science or threatened worldviews. Rather, its a visceral, gut reaction to behavior such as Abbie Smith reveals:

    (Sorry about posting the URL, but I haven’t found the FAQ that explains how tags are used on this blog.)

    I am very skeptical that there is some deep philosophical meaning to the various ways that scientists assail antievolutionists. It’s much simpler, more basic, and actually very easy to understand. And while it would seem as if the level of discourse would become much more genial if this sort of behavior were to end, I am afraid that it isn’t going to happen.

    Of course, this state of affairs will continue to give people like Cravens stuff to write about. So some people will benefit.

  2. professorsmith

    I never claimed any deep philosophical meaning. Responding to a threat to one’s worldview isn’t deep or philosophical, it’s pretty normal. At some point, however, materialists have to wake up and realize that they are playing with people’s lives.

  3. professorsmith,

    I’m not sure you understand the “worldview” that scientists see as being assailed by antievolutionists. It has nothing to do with religion or even science, and everything to do with ethics. Take the example I link to – I’m sure you would have a strong negative reaction if a student in your class tried to pull such a stunt, and I suspect that your institution would demand a summary failing grade (or worse). I wouldn’t be surprised if you reacted much more strongly if the student demanded special favors (such as dismissal of the required disciplinary measures), made veiled (or not) threats of legal action, and otherwise insisted that there is nothing wrong with plagiarism.

    Hopefully, you now better understand (if even just a little) why scientists react strongly to a group that wants to introduce systematic and rampant unethical conduct into their cherished enterprise.

  4. professorsmith

    What stunt are you talking about? How is a student plagiarizing anything like ID? What has ID plagiarized? Your claims are becoming more bizarre.

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