Fallout From “Judgement Day”

The Discovery Institute is all over the Nova fiasco and their willingness to disregard the First Amendment as this article shows.  I think my favorite part is this:

“The PBS materials, in suggesting that students need not be concerned that evolution violates their religion, ironically equip public school teachers to violate our current conception of the First Amendment by explicitly teaching students concerning matters of religious belief,” Wenger said.

“The irony is that discussing intelligent design would not teach any student about any religious belief – the PBS materials, on the other hand, will,” he said.

Yes, it is ironic, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, on the DI site, we learn why it is that the narrator of “Judgement Day” had to include a disclaimer that the DI would not be represented.  With their previous troubles getting a fair hearing, I’m not surprised at the actions they took.  It’s sad that they have to police the supposedly un-biased media in order to have any chance of getting the media to faithfully present their side of things.  Of course, the Darwinists know that to compete on a level playing field would lead to them losing, so it’s not surprising that they stoop to such levels to protect their precious worldview.


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