Nova, What a Waste of Time

Well, I had not planned on watching the Nova broadcast on ID last night, but ended up getting the chance to watch it, so I did.  What a waste of 2 hours.  They continually misrpresented ID, but what else is new, right?  They certainly didn’t portray any of the IDists in a positive light, and were rather underhanded about it.  The actors re-enacting the court scenes for the ID side would sneer at the camera, get flustered, etc.  It was so transparently biased that it’s pretty obvious that the producers had no interest in portraying things as they actually happened.

One thing that will be missed by many, however, is that in the documentary it’s quite obvious that the school board members and the legal team at the Thomas More Center misunderstood what ID is all about.  The DI gets a call from someone that wants to know about ID, and they send him the materials only to find out later that he was simply trying to teach creationism.  That put them in a bad spot, and helps to feed the misperception that ID is nothing but creationism.  This little factoid will be missed by most, but it’s worth pointing out.  It was the TMC and the school board that didn’t do their homework and subsequently gave ID a black eye.


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