Dawkins: King of the Atheists (Part II)

(See Part I, here.)

In the first installment, I talked about Dawkins’ insistence that Darwinism makes people better.  This time, I plan to show the evidence that he must be right.  I’ll even use his own arguments.

Dawkins likes to take aim at theists and is rather vocal about it.  But, he doesn’t save all his fury for anti-evolutionists, no siree.  Those who don’t see a reason to get bent out of shape over worldview disputes are the enemy as well.  These, Dawkins likens to Neville Chamberlain whose claim to fame is appeasement of the Nazis.

Well, well, well.  Apparently, Dawkins finds it appropriate to call his ideological enemies Nazis, thus violating Godwin’s Law.  But, this is a rather insidious assertion, as the Nazis are universally abhorred.  We see Dawkins arguing scientific points with emotional appeals to Nazism.  Is this what passes for science amongst materialists?  I submit that over-zealous ideologues resemble those in the third Reich more than people like Francis Collins.  Perhaps Dawkins should take a look in the mirror more often.

So, I guess that’s the evidence that Darwinism raises people’s consciousness.  It has certainly worked well for Dawkins, hasn’t it?


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