Dawkins: King of the Atheists (Part I)

Dawkins is pretty well known as one of the high priests of Darwinism, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to worthwhile quotes.  He talks about evolution leading him to atheism in some of his books, for instance.  In his latest bood, The God Delusion, he talks about consciousness raising through evolution.  See, evolution makes you a better person or something.

I thought, however, that evolution was supposed to be science, not a road to being a better person.  This is not science, but straight up philosophy.  Dawkins is admitting that is worldview is tied up so much with evolution that he can’t tell the two apart.

How can science raise consciousness anyway?  Science is the search for answers to the occurrences of the natural world.  Science is not a search for self-improvement.  Is this a good argument for Darwinists?  This is nothing but clutching at straws.


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