It’s Halloween

Today is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  I remember being a kid and trying so hard to find that perfect costume idea, only to go out and get candy no matter what I dressed up as.  This year, of course, I get to hand out candy.  I don’t skimp on the cheap stuff, no I go for the Reese’s cups and the Hershey bars.  I remember as a kid getting the sweet-tarts that were way too sweet, even for someone with a sweet tooth like me.  Then, there was the gum that was always way too hard to chew.  There were the lollipops that I usually didn’t get around to eating.  And, who can forget the jawbreakers that turned your tongue all different colors?  But, my favorites and always the first to be eaten were the candy bars, and I always thought that I could have done without the other stuff so long as everyone gave out chocolate.  So, I always said that I would give out chocolate when I had my own house and my own trick-or-treaters, and this is the year.  Yes, this is actually the first time in my young life that I’ve had a chance to give out candy, so tonight I’m going to enjoy it.  Happy Halloween everybody.


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