Dog Day Sunday

I found some pictures from earlier this summer that I had wanted to post.  Mendel, Aquinas, and I found a nice lake in the woods where Mendel took a dip.

Lake in the woods

Through the modern marvels of technology, I was able to capture Mendel shaking off through this sequence of action shots.

Mendel shake 1Mendel shake 2
Mendel shake 4Mendel shake 5

The reason I posted these now though is due to the view from the top of a rock outcropping that we found.  I really should go back there to see what the trees look like in the fall when they’ve changed color.  It’s probably gorgeous.

Tree view

Due to technical problems, I’ve had to thumbnail the last picture.  Clicking it will link to a full sized version.  Apologies for the extra click.


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