Comment Moderation Policy

It has become quite apparent to me that I need to outline some sort of policy about what is and what is not appropriate in this venue.  Although I cherish freedom of speech, that does not mean that I must let anyone say whatever they want on my blog.  I am creating this list of don’ts for all commenters to follow, and I reserve the right to make judgement calls or change the list as necessary.

1.  Be civil.  I know that it is difficult to keep one’s wits about oneself when one’s worldview is being challenged, but this is no excuse for lashing out at others.

2.  No profanity.

3.  No personal attacks.

4.  No unsupported accusations.  If you accuse me or others of anything, be prepared to support your claims.  If you can not support those claims, I expect a withdrawl (and an apology would be appreciated by the person who has been affected I’m sure).

5.  No whining.  If I tell you that you have run afoul of the comment policy I don’t want to get a return comment complaining about how draconian I am or anything like that.  I’m rather lenient actually, so if I have to say something to you, it’s because you deserve it.

I will use my judgement to decide how to deal with violations of this policy.  The levels of action will be warnings, moderation, or banning.  I do not wish to have to do any of those, however, so let’s all just keep it civil and fair and we can all get along.

Thank you.


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