So That’s How it Works

Here’s a good humor page on evolution.  It’s almost as funny as the stuff the materialists try to pass off as science.

Hat Tip:  GilDodgen at UD.


10 responses to “So That’s How it Works

  1. Oleg Tchernyshyov

    It’s an inside joke. It makes fun not of evolution but of general silliness found in high-school textbooks. In case you have doubts, check out the creationism chapter.

  2. Oleg Tchernyshyov

    This review of Weller’s book at will clarify things further.

  3. professorsmith

    So it’s making fun of creationism…so what? I’m not a creationist, I’m an ID science advocate.

  4. Oleg Tchernyshyov

    Oh, lighten up, professorsmith. As an insider, you’re supposed to get the joke.

  5. On the Uncommon Descent blog they seem to think it is a legitimate critique of science. I understand it to be a joke. Does that mean that ID (at least as they understand it) is a joke?

  6. Religion Prof – I do not understand how someone teaching the Lord’s Word does not support ID. Wasn’t ID sapecifically created so that we can put God back into our schools?

    Sure, sometimes the posters at Uncommon Descent are rather rigid, and pompous, and not very good Christians, even though they say they are, and sometimes they might make mistakes, but I think that a smart man like Professor Dembksi has to be right occassionly too.

  7. Simple. ID is an attempt to impose a predetermined view of how God works on the evidence from biology. Why isn’t there a similar movement trying to demonstrate meteorology to be insufficient, since God is responsible for bringing the rains in their season? Either you can see God at work in things that have natural explanations, or you have a bigger problem than just the evidence in biology – which overwhelmingly supports evolution. I say this as someone who was a young-earth creationist, but then actually read a book by actual biologists and geologists and fortunately was able to learn something.

    As for putting God in schools, I’m a Baptist. We have a tradition stretching back to before Baptists began arriving in America emphasizing that linking the government and religion is bad news FOR RELIGION. Let’s say the prayers are going to make room for all Christians and exclude everyone else – which would be unconstitional, but that doesn’t seem to bother you, and anyway I’m just making a point. Personally, I don’t want someone else deciding whether my child learns the Hail Mary. I also don’t think that, if the child of an atheist is picked on by kids because he doesn’t participate in a prayer, that will lead to his having a positive view of prayer, faith, or anything else.

    If parents were instilling values in their children at home, there wouldn’t be this fuss. But our society as a whole has failed to fulfill its responsibility to the next generation, and ‘taking prayer out of schools’ is a much easier scapegoat than taking responsibility ourselves.

  8. professorsmith

    No, no, no, no, no…a thousand times no. ID is not about religion or putting god back into school. ID is a scientific stance that seeks to explain the natural world. We simply infer that the best explanation is a designing intelligence. And, though I disagree with religionprof’s first paragraph, the second and third paragraphs are worth agreeing with. As I’ve said in previous posts, I stand for religious diversity and freedom of religion. I also think parents should do a better job at home of instilling the virtues of a decent upbringing instead of depending on the schools to instill prayer.

  9. Oleg Tchernyshyov

    You might want to fish out a comment of mine that got stuck in a spam filter or something.

  10. professorsmith

    Mr. Tchernyshyov,
    Please read the moderation policy. Trying to link me (and other IDists) to creationism is an old canard that isn’t worth my time to fish out.

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