Rove vs the Base

You might recall that Karl Rove tried to identify subgroups which might vote Republican and cater to a desire. One such group are Latinos. Latinos are culturally conservative and religious so they made a tantalizing target. What do Latinos want? Well, they darn sure don’t want their downtrodden fellows who are here illegally, who are desperately attempting to provide for their families, to be incarcerated, deported, and further impoverished. And the business community doesn’t want their low-skill labor pool drying up. Kinda puts a crimp in the Mercedes payments, if you know what I mean. So Rove, playing to both these constituencies, had Bush support an immigration reform strategy which would try to inhibit illegal immigration but not in a very punitive and destructive way.

Rove’s plan has backfired in a tremendous way. First, he didn’t understand how much the base of his party hates illegal immigrants.The bill went to its doom. By itself, that would just be failure. The enormous backfire is that the base’s response has now irritated Latinos and turned them against the GOP.

The nickname “Bush’s Brain” is starting to make a lot more sense…


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