Wipe ID science From the Face of the Earth

Sometimes it is instructive to venture into the den of the enemy, per se.  One place for this is the discussion venue attached to Panda’s Thumb, named “After the Bar closes.”  There, you can find a whole entire thread over 650 pages long devoted to malicious personal attacks at anyone and everyone involved with, associated with, or even standing within 10 feet of a computer that is displaying Dr. Dembski’s blog.  Their favorites, it seems, are to call one an “IDiot” – which isn’t clever at all – or even worse, a “Tard”.  Yes, they are not content to attack ID advocates, but must also go after the developmentally challenged – insert your own observation here about “survival of the fittest” and social Darwinism.

That’s just one thread, however.  On another, you can find a poll asking “Where Does ID Belong?”  The answers available?

In Science Classes
In Philosophy of Science Classes
In Religion Classes
As a separate study (via groups like the IDEA clubs)
Ooutside [sic] of the school setting in churches, synagogues, etc.
It should be wiped off the face of the earth [sic]
Other (Please Specify)

Yes, they thought to include a choice to “Wipe [ID] off the face of the earth [sic].”  Even more frightening is the number of people who have voted for this option.  A more cynical minded person might think this a call to violence.  Is it any wonder that ID science can not get a fair hearing with people like this in charge?  Is it any wonder why I must hide my identity in fear of having my reputation trashed and my career ruined and being pushed out of the chance of being able to make a difference?  How anyone can defend these antics as rational is clearly beyond me.

P.S.  I’ve decided not to link to this cesspool of materialism, but if anyone wants to see for themself, it’s not that difficult to find this page through Panda’s Thumb.


5 responses to “Wipe ID science From the Face of the Earth

  1. Gee, it sounds almost as if a few commenters are stooping to the levels creationists have occupied for decades. Imagine that!

  2. I must say that I don’t think anyone at Panda’s Thumb would ever envisage wiping anyONE off the face of the earth. The desire to see a particular ideology vanish is common to both sides – surely you’ve encountered individuals who would be quite happy were “Darwinism” to experience this fate.

  3. professorsmith

    I do not advocate violence or suppression of ideas, so if there are those on the ID side of the debate who would stoop to the same tactics as those at Panda’s Thumb, then they are equally wrong.

  4. Professor Smith – Thank you for posting this, as I had no idea that there were people like this that could spew such invective without being arrested. I also could nto help but noticing that some of those posters are not even Americans, and I am sure that this might contribute to the godlessness and hate spewed forth by the Darwinists.

    I am sure that they will reap what they sew in the next life, and they will also find out that some kinds of warming are extremely warm, if you know what I mean, and I am shocked that this hate site is not closed down.

    Making fun of retarded posters is not good, it is not very nice, it is unChristian, and it is what I have come to expect from darwinists and materialists. I am surprised that many of the posters at Dr. Dembski’s site do not post over at that site you mentioned, because I am sure that they would be able to answer many of the questions that the materialists have.

    I wish I knew more science, so that I could contribute to the discussion at Dr. Dembski’s blog, but those posters over there know an awful lot, so much more than me, so even though I read that blog every day, much of what they say just does not make sense to me.

    And when Dr. Dembski and DaveScot write posts, I know I will not understand them, although I think I can follow what Denyse O’Leary writes.

    Can anybody recommend any supplemental reading that would help me try to keep up with them? Then maybe I could help wipe Darwinism out and restore faith and hope to America

  5. professorsmith

    Hopefully this blog will help towards that end. Additionally, you could pick up Behe’s book, Darwin’s Black Box, which is pretty good as an introduction to ID science. The Discovery Institute also holds a lot of information on their website which you might find helpful.

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