Bad to the Bone

I’ve been remiss.  It seems that a new movie has been in the works for some time, and somehow I’ve been able to remain ignorant of it until now.  I’m glad I found it though.  This new movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” features Ben Stein going after the materialist academic community in a no-holds-bar manner.

I think the blog entry – the only one so far – says it all:

A huge part of this freedom is freedom of inquiry.

Freedom of inquiry is basic to human advancement. There would be no modern medicine, no antibiotics, no brain surgery, no Internet, no air conditioning, no modern travel, no highways, no knowledge of the human body without freedom of inquiry.

This includes the ability to inquire whether a higher power, a being greater than man, is involved with how the universe operates. This has always been basic to science. ALWAYS.

Some of the greatest scientists of all time, including Galileo, Newton, Einstein, operated under the hypothesis that their work was to understand the principles and phenomena as designed by a creator.

Operating under that hypothesis, they discovered the most important laws of motion, gravity, thermodynamics, relativity, and even economics.Now, I am sorry to say, freedom of inquiry in science is being suppressed.

[bolding in original]


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