At the Beach With My ID Science Examples

Here’s a good picture I found of my two favorite examples of ID science.  We were at a beach when I took this and they were having fun with the water and laying out on the rocks.

Mendel and Aquinas at the beach


3 responses to “At the Beach With My ID Science Examples

  1. Wow, those are cute dogs! But, being relatively new to trying to learn about ID, I have to ask why they are ID examples?

  2. professorsmith

    All dogs were bred, by humans, from wolves. These dogs were bred for specific traits. In other words, humans tinkered (in a sense) with wolf/dog genes to invent the different breeds. This was not a natural, random occurrence, but one of deliberate intent; intelligent design, if you will. This is why I claim it is an example of ID science. It may not necessarily be an example of what the designer of life on this planet/the universe did, but it shows that intelligent designers do exist and we have analogous situations in the real world to use in investigating ID science.

  3. Thank you Professor Smith. What you say makes perfect sense now. Sometimes I think my design needs to be improved with more “seeing the obvious” genes.

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