Science Blog of the Year?

I surfed over to the lion’s den today to check out what PZ Myers is up to.  He’s the reigning science blogger of the year.  I had to go to the second page, through 20 posts before I found one about science.  This is a pretty clear indication that Darwinism are not really about science.  Here, you have one of its most outspoken advocates and he can’t even find time to write about science in the last 20 posts?


2 responses to “Science Blog of the Year?

  1. Yes, I am not surprised that he is still teaching, in light of what happened to poor Dr. Marks at Baylor. I am praying every day that we might be able to save more souls from the materialists.

  2. professorsmith

    Some people who’ve asked about my anonymity should take note of Marks’ situation. He’s a full professor, actively recruited to Baylor after a distinguished career, and he’s *still* trampled on.

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