At Baylor, the recent news has been all about Dr. William Dembski, Dr. Robert Marks II, and ID science.  Apparently Marks set up a website to conduct ID science research and some nameless Darwinists complained in order to get Baylor to remove it, which they did.

Now, let’s see if they go after Marks the way they did with Dembski, and try to force him out.  My guess is that there is no way they could get away with that, however.  Marks is a top-notch, world-class research scientist.  He’s a fellow of both IEEE and OSA (the Optical Society of America) and left his post of 26 years with the University of Washington to go to Baylor to turn them into a top-flight research university.  For more on Marks, his vitae and bio are both on his personal page

Of course, this story is not all bad.  Baylor has since relented from the pressure of the nameless Darwinists and will now allow Marks to continue with his work.  The upshot to all this is that we have a major institution that is now doing pioneering work in ID science, with one of the brightest and best professors in the country.  Secondly, the Darwinists have been shown to be spineless and only able to hold onto their hegemony through intimidation tactics.  This is a clear indication that Darwinism doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

When Darwinists complain that no real professors do ID science work, that no work is ongoing in ID science, or that a level playing field exists, this little fiasco should provide potent evidence to the contrary.  All in all, I’d chalk this one up as a win for ID science, science in general, and academic freedom.  We’re one step closer to breaking the materialistic stranglehold.


3 responses to “Un-Sternberg-able?

  1. I think it is just despicable the way that Darwinist’s will try anything to subvert the overthrow of their paradigm.

    I suspect that incidents like this are what keep real scientists like you “in the closet” so to speak.

  2. professorsmith

    Yes, it is precisely incidents like this that do not allow me to speak out. These incidents have usurped my academic freedom and my freedom of speech. That is why I must work so diligently to obtain tenure and an untouchable status as Dr. Marks has.

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