Faith in the Ways of Science

Dr. R and I met for lunch again yesterday and had a rather illuminating conversation.  This time I went on the metaphorical attack.

I asked him about many of the pathways that are unknown to us in evolution.  I then asked him about the mechanisms that allow macroevolution.  I then asked him about the fine-tuning of the universe, how life arose, and a few other pertinent questions.  In each case, he had to confess that he did not have a good materialistic explanation for any of them and that he had to just assume that they existed.  I was quick to point out that his stance was nothing more than a faith position.  I could tell that he wanted to protest, but couldn’t find an argument to use.  Finally, he admitted his need for faith.

If only the materialists who hold sway over academia could be so honest, we could make headway towards a more complete understanding of the world through ID science.


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