Flismy, Flimsy, Flimsy

Apparently, there’s a new paper out about the formation of the Ethiopian plauteau about 6 million years ago and how it helped bring about human evolution.  No, I’m not making this up.

It was Darwin who first suggested that a change of climate, giving rise to vast, arid, savannahs, may have spurred on human evolution all those millions of years ago….

The timing of plateau formation coincides with and is therefore probably related to the change in climate that gave rise to the African savannahs and ultimately to human evolution.

Of course correlation does not equal causation, and it’s rather flimsy to suggest that because this geological upheaval happened in some time frame close to the emergence of humans that it somehow “gave rise” to human evolution.  Were there not savannahs before this upheaval and in other locations around the Earth?  This is the type of flimsy argumentation that is typically used by materialists to buttress up Darwinism.  It’s a house of cards built on a series of flimsy hypotheses such as this one.  If not for the stranglehold that the materialists enjoy on academia, Darwinism would have been thrust atop the trash heap of failed hypotheses long ago.


2 responses to “Flismy, Flimsy, Flimsy

  1. On August 4th, you wrote….

    “My colleague is right about one thing, though: the biggest challenge, and one that ID has yet to meet, is to build a theoretical framework that will enable us to move into the lab and out in to the field, and into the business of making testable predictions and then testing them. I feel confident that this can be done, and is being done, although covertly. If the biological world was structured by an intelligence, then that should be detectable, simple as that.”

    Good luck with that, then. Many have tried, but failed – and some of them could spell

  2. professorsmith

    Thank you for pointing out my typo. I suppose if that was the worst thing you could say about my post, then I’m doing pretty well.

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