Hope Springs Eternal in the Fall

Well, it’s that time of year again.  That time when students start returning to campus.  The number of students here is already increasing.  Soon, it will be time for new classes and new lessons.

Sometimes this time of year makes me feel sad for the poor students that will be taught the old guard, materialist philosophy that passes itself off as science education.  They will be taught to not critically evaluate the evidence, to simply accept the precepts of Darwinism.

I’m also filled with hope though.  It’s the students that are the future of ID Science and the overturning of Darwinism.  These students now, will go on to cast aside the shackles of the stodgy, old Darwinista and move on to claim greater knowledge and understanding through true scientific endeavor.  Some of my best students are ID sympathetic and this is where the movement will really take hold.  This is where we will start to remove the jackboots from the throat of intellectual freedom.


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