Is God the dice of the universe?

I was thinking about what Dr. R. said over lunch about randomness.  I think he has a very primitive idea about God.  His “god” sounds like a Greek or Norse God, constrained by time and having to rush around trying to get his plans to work.  But the Christian God is not constrained – our God is beyond time and space.  What we see as randomness is, to him, part of his plan.  We should not belittle the Lord because of our own ignorance.

My purpose as a scientist is to try to understand the world.  We see patterns in the world: Nature is full of hidden messages for us to decipher.  Poor materialist scientists have no way of knowing this: they are short-sighted and see only randomness.


2 responses to “Is God the dice of the universe?

  1. professorsmith

    By the way, the norse gods…whew. They had a kind of notion of fate, and that you should do what you were supposed to do because you were supposed to do it. They had notions of wars you’d fight even though you knew you would lose, but you had to fight anyway, because that was your destiny. (Some of that is evidenced in the Lord of the Rings story, btw) Isn’t it nice that the real god is not that grim viking, but rather a god of eternal joy!

  2. Thank you for not getting pedantic on us btw. I was afraid when I saw the title of your latest post that you would get into more of Dr. Dembski’s mathematical theorums. I give thanks to as you said “our god of eternal joy!”

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